Sales and Services


Posi-check bench:

Carson Safety Services provides posi-checking for all makes of SCBA. Our posi-check test bench is certified annually and meets stringent CSA standards.

Breathing air compressor:

Every 6 months, our compressed breathing air is certified and tested for safety and purity to ensure the air quality meets required CSA standards.

Fit testing:

Any person who is required to wear a tight-fitting face piece during the course of their day should be fit tested to ensure an effective seal.  Respirator fit testing is a position we take seriously and our protocols are CSA approved and certified annually. 

  • Fire extinguisher sales, services, repair and hydrotesting
  • Gas detection sales and services (all brands)
  • Calibration and repair of gas detection equipment (all brands)
  • Calibration gases, parts and accessories (all brands)
  • Breathing air refills, repair and hydro testing
  • SCBA/SABA equipment sales and services (all brands)
  • Posi-check all brands of air equipment
  • SCBA fit testing and respirator
  • Recertification/inspection of harness and lanyards
  • Hydrotesting and repair of breathing air equipment
  • Sound level checks
  • First aid, eyewash and burn kit services/sales
  • Signage
  • Explosion proof air movers
  • Eye, ear, hand, head and face protection
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Fire retardant clothing
  • Disposable fire retardant coveralls/rainwear apparel
  • Fall arrest equipment
  • Portable, fixed system/stand alone gas detection equipment and fire eyes
  • High and low pressure cascade air cylinders
  • Authorized RKI instrument dealership
  • Authorized Honeywell gas detector, sales, service and warranty depot
  • Authorized Industrial Scientific dealership
  • New & reconditioned equipment

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